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Colorful Sky With The Space Needle - Featured Art Prints

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Colorful Sky With The Space Needle - Featured Art Prints

As a departure from last weeks black and white photography, this week I want to look at a very colorful sky I created as a backdrop to the Seattle skyline. Using a fauvism technique to create the bright colored sky and abstract look, I have attached two art prints that are just slightly different.

In the first print “Space Needle Colorful Sky”, I centered the Space Needle as a focal point with the buildings of downtown part of the background.

In the second print “Space Needle Fauvism Style”, I put the Space Needle off-center to the right to allow the downtown buildings to become more prominent in the overall look.

My initial reaction between the two was the Space Needle centered, but then I was pulled to the Space Needle on the right side for the reasons I stated…..Thoughts?

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